we set out to develop the first green pack for weekly medication

Comfort and compliance are the main drivers for the provision of weekly medication packs. It has been shown that weekly packs compared to entire packages provide much better compliance, safe therapies, are saving money for the community health system. Less packaging (if bulk ware is used), better compliance and last but not least less environmental damage caused by medication molecules in waste water.

Established weekly blister packs are usually made from plastic, sometimes even with aluminium foil - all that packaging material ends up in landfills or will be burnt.


Strict criteria for patient safety and medication stability need to be met when developing a system that provides the weekly medication, packed by pharmacists.


We have developed the eco2 blister pak. It consists of a moulded tray - plant based - made mainly from potato starch, sealed by a cellophane film from NatureFlex™️ and a paper cover for light protection. The entire system is housed in a designed tin for protection. 


Once emptied, the tray can be re-used up to 4x for the same patient, afterwards use it in gardening or will be a good addition to the compost. For the city dwellers it can be recycled via the paper recycling with all components are certified accordingly.

The transport tin however is designed to serve for a long time.


It doesn't exist? It does now! 

eco2 blister pak - a fully compostable weekly medication pack


Quality tins -Made in Germany- protect the entire system.


1x4, 4x7, 5x7 or 31 cavities moulded from reinPapier® are fully compostable after use

seal & cover

Cellulose film (NatureFlex™️) combined with protective cover provide easy access and light protection